San Air [Bio Clean-Gel]
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Easy to use. Kills air-borne virus & bacteria.
EFFECTIVE AGAINST COVID-19 [Independently tested and validated)
SAN-AIR will eliminate 99.975% of COVID-19 on a surface within 10 minutes

Simply twist the cap & place tub on table for air sanitization.

Lifespan: 4-6 weeks once opened
Coverage: Up to 1200Lt/s 50-100m2.
Application: Enclosed Living Areas- Homes, workplaces, cars, commercial premises, cool rooms, schools.

Australian laboratory tested. Safe for children & food.

Non toxic
Non dangerous
Non hazardous to human
disinfect fungal
disinfect bacteria
disinfect sporicidal (mould)

Validity: 24/07/2022
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Value: 1Units
Amount: RM120.00