Why HealthLand
From the moment you step into our outlet, you will instantly experience a blissfully relaxing atmosphere. Come in, let your worries melt away as we pamper you from head to toe.
Our services aren’t just high quality; they are affordable too. Get the treatment you need without breaking the bank.
There is always a HealthLand outlet near your friendly neighbourhood.
We aim to provide you with authentic services via professional treatments and therapies facilitated by our Thai therapists.
All of our Thai therapists are fully trained and experienced in providing you with the ultimate relaxing experience.
Our relaxing and clean environment is suitable for your family and friends.
Our Best Seller
Top 3 treatments that our customer love the most.
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Thainess Oil Treatment
A full therapy using essential organic oils gently massage to relax your body and mind.
Thai Traditional Treatment
Involved pressing of pressure points and along the massage lines with either thumbs, palms, elbow, knees, or feet. Opening up the energy channels to enable energy to flow freely.
Foot Treatment
Promotes relaxation to the entire body through pressure points onto the soles of your feet. When all tension is release, a lightness on your legs makes your day!
About us

My Healthland Group of Companies (“Healthland”) was founded in Malaysia at the end of 2013 with its vision to provide premium wellness treatments at an affordable price for everyone. Healthland is positioned to provide 5-star service at 3-star price. The corporate mission carved by its founders is to establish Healthland as a ‘household brand’ to pioneer the concept of One-Stop Wellness Centre.

The perseverance and hard work paid off in 2018 when Healthland became the largest wellness operator/retailer in Malaysia. In the span of 4 to 5 years, Healthland has grown from strength to strength since its inception and standing tall at 40 wellness centres across the Klang Valley (37 in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor) and (1 in Johor Bahru, 1 in Penang and 1 in Melaka) with total retail floor space exceeding 250,000 sq ft (approximately 23,000 sq. m).

6 years+
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